Verizon Could Receive Palm Pre (Eventually)

Looks like Sprint might not have as much exclusivity concerning the Pre as we all might have thought. Verizon spokesman Jim Gerace wrote that the Palm Pre could go on sale for Verizon “early next year”. Looks like 2010 might be a year for sharing – for Palm, at least. We’ll keep you updated, Verizon users.


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Sprint Stores Rumored To Be Offering $100 Rebate On Pre As Instant

palm pre to have $100 instant rebate at sprint stores

Looks like competition for retail of the Palm Pre is heating up. It’s now rumored that in order to compete with BestBuy, Sprint stores will now also be offering the formerly $100 mail in rebate as instant. This could be good news, as BestBuy won’t be flocked by herds of people looking to get their hands on a Pre at the cheapest price possible. This could be bad news for Radioshack and Walmart, though, as so far it seems that they are still planning on selling the Pre with the $100 rebate as a mail in offer only.

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Screenshot Shows Pre-Loaded Wallpapers On The Pre

palm pre emulator shows preloaded wallpapers

Looks like the infamous user TheInvisibleMan has posted even more juicy Palm Pre tidbits. Actually, user Abarrera from the PreCentral forums linked to this screenshot of what many think is TheInvisibleMan running his WebOS emulator and showing the preloaded wallpapers that the Pre will come stocked with. Looks like your run-of-the-mill nature and serene wallpapers to us.

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Application Development On The Palm Pre – A Stream Of Consciousness

palm pre applications

As launch comes ever-nearer, there is still one aspect that, I feel, hasn’t truly received the same amount of concern or limelight as any other – application development.

We all know that there will be tons of hype at launch. People will be ranting and raving about this device for weeks, if not months. However, what will happen after launch? Say, two or three months down the road? Will the Pre community still be going as strong as the iPhone’s, or will we sadly see the light of Palm fade? I truly think that this responsibility rests on the shoulders of the developers community.

Applications are what the Pre needs to truly be successful if it even wants a chance at over taking the iPhone. And none of these farting apps or lame “papijump” games either – something innovative. Many people doubt that this will be possible, thinking that all ideas for applications have been exhausted by the astounding large Apple developer community, but the Pre is different and we know that.

palm pre applications

WebOS will bring many completely new things to the smartphone table, proverbially speaking. It will open tons of doors to ideas for applications and general mobile computing that has never been explored before. Working in the cloud as opposed to domestically inside the device will allow for over-the-air applications to affect other devices. No longer confined to bluetooth and short distance wireless interface, the Pre will be capable of working with devices such as the SlingBox from Sling media. This indicates that the Pre will be able to communicate with many other devices using WiFi or Network capabilities.

We also could see applications such as geotagging for the camera application, allowing a user to instantly snap a photo, upload it and show to friends or family where they are using the map application. Taking it a step further, imagine bringing this to the social networking scene such as Facebook or Twitter (whom we know will both be developing applications for the Pre at launch). What about using Twitpic to instantly tweet a picture with your tweet telling the location?

This is all speculation, and of course until the SDK is released to the public we won’t know if any of this is possible. But at the rate things are going and with the backing and support of many major developers already working on applications for launch, I do not think these are far fetched ideas at all. The community of developers will need to be strong and long lasting for the Palm Pre if it is to succeed after launch.

In saying that, we are please here at PreInsiders to let all our readers know that we will soon be moving the sight to a host who can sustain more visitors as well as a complete revamping and a forum for developers and Pre fanboys alike. Stay tuned, as this will all be happening over the next week. We’re really excited, and hope that you are too!

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Palm Pre’s Gesture Guide Released – Get To Flickin’

palm pre releases gesture guide

Looks like Engadget has posted up the leaked gesture guide for the Palm Pre. This instructional booklet apparently comes packaged with the Pre along with all other important papers and documents and details the general gestures that the Pre will recognize and the user needs to know in order to navigate the UI.

Hit the link to view the guide in it’s entirety.

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Sprint’s Launch Guide Reveals Even More – Remote De-Activation And “Palm Profiles”

palm enables remote deactivation/lock and reveals palm profiles

Looks like more information keeps coming up the more I scrutinize this launch guide. Now, we’ve learned two new things.

First off, remote deactivation or locking of the device is possible. What’s more, it appears that users can do this over the internet and won’t have to deal with Sprint’s not-so-reputable customer service or wait for store hours to talk with a sales rep.

Secondly, we see the first mention of “Palm Profiles”. We know that you will have to make one at the time of activation, but it looks like this will be an online profile which will help you sync and manage all apps and data on your Pre.

Well, looks like you better reserve your xXGaMr4LyFeXx Palm Profile name. In the meantime, I’m going to finish digging through this article.

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Sprint’s Leaked Launch Guide Reveals Potential Physical Flaws In The Pre

sprint leaks return and replacement policy on palm pre

Remember that launch guide that was leaked from Sprint earlier? Well if you actually had downloaded and read the damn thing, you would have seen this. Looks like the Palm Pre isn’t meant to be thrown around. The guide says,

“… the potential for damage is significant.”

Hmmm, so it looks like despite the reviews of this phone feeling durable and solid in the hand, there may be some weak parts about it – our bets are on the screen or sliding function. However it appears that you won’t have to deal with a screen replacement or new keyboard installation. Instead, customers will receive a brand new device as long as they are under some sort of warranty or proof of ownership. However, the guide is pretty ambiguous on details and doesn’t go into specifics, so this is all speculation. We do know that it will be a full product replacement though, instead of replacing the broken part. That may be some good news after all then.

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