Sprint’s Leaked Launch Guide Reveals Potential Physical Flaws In The Pre

May 24, 2009 at 5:46 PM Leave a comment

sprint leaks return and replacement policy on palm pre

Remember that launch guide that was leaked from Sprint earlier? Well if you actually had downloaded and read the damn thing, you would have seen this. Looks like the Palm Pre isn’t meant to be thrown around. The guide says,

“… the potential for damage is significant.”

Hmmm, so it looks like despite the reviews of this phone feeling durable and solid in the hand, there may be some weak parts about it – our bets are on the screen or sliding function. However it appears that you won’t have to deal with a screen replacement or new keyboard installation. Instead, customers will receive a brand new device as long as they are under some sort of warranty or proof of ownership. However, the guide is pretty ambiguous on details and doesn’t go into specifics, so this is all speculation. We do know that it will be a full product replacement though, instead of replacing the broken part. That may be some good news after all then.


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Sprint Accidentaly Leaks Palm Pre Launch Guide In PDF Format – General Public Is Raving Sprint’s Launch Guide Reveals Even More – Remote De-Activation And “Palm Profiles”

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