Screen Shot Shows Palm Pre Memos, Browser And Tasks Apps Running

May 24, 2009 at 1:08 AM Leave a comment

Palm Pre memo task and browser applications

This screen shot surfaced and appears to show the Pre running the Memo and Task applications as well as the Pre’s internet browser.

The Task app appears to be your run-of-the-mill “enter task and set alarm time” type of deal. Looks like you can add expanded information from the faded blue “I” icons on the right.

The Memo app is something new, and Palm seems to have spruced up the UI on WebOS with this app. Instead of standard text entry, all notes take the form of notes stuck on a cork board. Pretty neat, if you ask us. No doubt you will be able to customize this (Dry erase board, chalk board, writing in blood, etc.)

Lastly we get a glimpse at the browser. What excites us most is the layout of multiple browser windows. While on the iPhone you need to scroll to see more than 2, it looks like up to 6 are visible from this window as well as the ability to scroll to see more. This is a very nice addition to an already zippy browser (as we have seen from the demo videos). Looks like Palm is really paying attention to the iPhone’s shortcomings and picking up where they left off.


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