Is Palm Worried About Potential Lack Of Developers For Palm Pre?

May 20, 2009 at 9:26 PM 1 comment

We already know about the word of mouth buzz surrounding the Palm Pre, and it will be no surprise when we see long lines outside of all Spring, BestBuy, Radioshack and even Walmart stores on June 6th, but what about after that? A mere two days after the launch of the Pre, Apple will be revealing their new iPhone model and OS update. During that time, it seems that the two devices will be neck and neck, and it will all come down to the community behind them.

Apple clearly has the upper hand in this situation, already being on the market for years and stealing a humongous part of the smart phone market for themselves since the first launch of the iPhone. It’s obvious that they already have a large developer community with all the jailbreak/homebrew development going on.

Can the Pre expect the same reception into the developer’s community? We know that the coding language will be easier than the iPhone’s , and it seems like Palm is hoping that this will encourage more people to write applications for the Pre.

Of course, no SDK for the Pre has even been revealed yet, and there only speculation as to when it will be revealed. Also, what about the Pre’s appstore? Will there be one? Will it be able to compete with Apple’s notorious appstore? It looks like there are tons of unanswered questions which are already worrying some about the development of the Pre after launch.


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